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Sr. Osvaldo Ucha en webinar con mas de 1000 asistentes

Sr. Osvaldo Ucha presentó: “Medición de la Performance del proyecto: Earned Value Management” 

El Sr. Osvaldo Ucha, Director Técnico de Metacontrol Argentina S.A. ofreció una charla, el 7 Marzo 2013. El Webinar fue Organizado por la Earned Value Management Community Of Practice (PMI) y se registraron mas de 1500 personas.

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First Presentation
Earned Value: A simple Technique for Project Perfomance Measurement

The presentation aims to explain the Earned Value concept, a technique used to measure Time and Cost Project Performance.
Although it is a simple concept, with over 30 years being used, sometimes it can find resistance to be implemented in some companies, because it is considered complex and only applicable to large size projects.
The main objective of the presentation is to answer the question: What we obtained in return for what we spent?, this question is answered through identification of deviations and establishing a forecast project costs using indicators which are of easy interpretation.
These indicators facilitate the process of take preventive and corrective decisions in a rationally supported manner.
According to the speaker experience, this is one of the most important concept to be considered into the Project Management best practices

First Presenter
Osvaldo S. Ucha, Civil Engineer
Osvaldo Ucha is Chief Technical Officer, Partner and Co-founder (1992) at MetaControl Argentina S.A. Osvaldo has more than 20 years of experience as a Senior Consultant and Senior Executive in Project Management Software Implementation, Planning and Control Systems Integration, Earned Value Management Systems Implementation and Operation, using Primavera software, and including Utilities, AEC, Oil/Gas and Telecommunication companies, with the accountability of ensure successfully system implementation and customer satisfaction

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